Local children’s book about COVID-19 chosen as global tool for school psychologists

‘The Mighty Creatures Lost Their Crown’ by Doriette Grech has been selected and published by the International School Psychology Association (ISPA).

A local children’s book that explains the COVID-19 global pandemic has been chosen by the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) to join a list of resources used by professional psychologists in schools around the world.

The Mighty Creatures Lost Their Crown was penned by educational psychology practitioner Doriette Grech to help parents start a conversation with their little ones about the current local and global situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The story introduces the munchkins in Munchkin world, who wake up to an invasion of very tiny, but very mighty, creatures. It goes on to explain what the munchkins must do to beat the ‘mighty creatures’, which are depicted by an image of the coronavirus capsules, in turn promoting washing hands and social distancing as means of countering the virus.

Doriette Grech.

“We have all felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in some way, but young children’s lives have been turned upside down by school closures and having to remain isolated from their friends and extended family,” explains Grech, “The story about taking on these ‘mighty creatures’ and winning will hopefully instill a sense of control in children amidst the chaos of COVID-19 and, above all, give them hope that everything will be alright.”

The story has been published on the International School Psychology Association website alongside others from across the globe, in a list of resources collated by trainers and school psychologists from various countries and in different languages. Grech’s book is the only successful entry from Malta.

A non-governmental organisation officially affiliated to UNESCO, the ISPA is committed to improving healthy development and quality of life for children everywhere and promotes high standards for the provision of educating school and educational psychologists.

The complete list of COVID-19 resources for school psychologists may be found online.

The Mighty Creatures Lost Their Crown by Doriette Grech may be read online here.

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