Local artist’s still life fruit photo describes impact of COVID-19

Local photographer, Vince Piscopo, creatively defines a story in a still life photograph, figuratively describing the impact of coronavirus, using fruit.

Local photographer Vince Piscopo, decided to timestamp the experience brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, by creating a story in a still life photograph he composed, figuratively describing the impact of COVID-19, using fruit as his main subject.

“The scope of doing this photograph, which I purposely named as COVID-19, is a symbolic remembrance of this unpleasant experience which is leading us into a ‘new normality’,” he explained.

Piscopo said that he used an apple dissected in pieces placed on top of each other but still looking as a whole, being splashed with droplets of water, accompanied by three strawberries.

“In my artistic and creative imagination these define a story, where the apple impersonates the patient who is bravely fighting to keep unified. The water droplets represent the virus trying to take it over while the three strawberries, stage the power of cure which will eventually see us through this ordeal given that strawberries are a good source to boost our immune system,” he stated.

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