Confirmed: PM announces his resignation in January

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has just announced his resignation on national television. 

This confirms the article published earlier by confirming the resignation that comes into effect in January 2020. 

The decision, long awaited in the media both in Malta and  internationally, comes in the wake of ground-shattering revelations of a murder plot whose ramifications led straight into the heart of government. 

In his address, the Prime Minister insisted that Malta comes first. He said that the faith that the country has placed in him in the past years has motivated him to work even harder. He insisted that a Prime Minister shouldn’t cover more than two legislatures. He said that in the coming days, the Labour Party will be looking into finding a new leader and following that, a new Prime Minister for the nation. He said that the new Labour Party leader will be announced by the 12th January of 2020. As soon as the new Labour Party leader is announced, Muscat sail he would resign a few days after, without specifying if that meant from PM or from parliament. He said that then a new Prime Minister can take the lead.

The Prime Minister said that two years ago he promised that Caruana Galizia’s assassination will be solved. He expressed that he is proud to say he was a man of his word. He said that now the country has three men accused with having executed the murder, and also a person who’s allegedly the commissioner of the assassination, namely 17 Black owner, Yorgen Fenech. He explained that despite Fenech’s appeal to be given presidential pardon twice, this was refused.

Muscat insisted that every decision he took, was one that led to the acquisition of justice. He expressed that no one is above justice. He said that he is truly disappointed that Caruana Galizia had to be killed in such a cruel manner. He said that the past days, have brought to light various advancements in the investigations. He condemned everyone tried to pin the murder on the family of Caruana Galizia, but also condemned the acts of violence that happened during the protests in the past days.

Muscat said that in the past days, it feels like the country has ended up at a stand still. He expressed that as of tomorrow, the country needs to move forward and turn a new leaf. He said that he’s aware that he’s the one that needs to assume political responsibility.

Muscat expressed that the last seven years have been truly exciting for the country, with the economy growing and the reaping of the benefits that brings with it. Muscat went on to list all the successes of the Labour Party in Government in the last seven years. While he admitted that more could have been done, he insisted that the Government has managed to do a lot in just seven years.

He assured the public that he has never done nothing more than find ways to thank the public back for the faith it showed in him. For those who asked him why he’s resigning now, his answer was “because this is what’s needed”.

Muscat has been part of the Labour Party since 2008. He was brought into government as Prime Minister of Malta in 2013. Before he spent some years serving as a member of European Parliament.

“Remain calm” – President George Vella

In a press release, President George Vella said that he has been following the latest developments in investigations which have rendered him worried. He expressed that he followed everything that has been going on in relation to the assassination. 

In the past days, the President has held several meetings at San Anton Palace with both Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, as well as Opposition Leader Adrian Delia.

It was expressed that the President strictly followed the constitution when it came to the presidential pardon and consulted with the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General. He has kept silent in order to allow justice to take its course.

The President appealed to the public to remain calm following the resignation of the Prime Minister. He said that all those who hold institutional and administrative responsibilities hold themselves accountable. He went on to say that his hope is that justice would prevail. 

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Footage: TVM