Watch: Together we can provide a great source of hope – Archbishop

Live: Il-PM jiltaqa’ mal-Arċisqof u l-Isqof Awżiljarju

Posted by on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Video: Christoph Schwaiger

Archbishop Charles Scicluna emphasised that by having the state and the church working hand in hand, the Maltese society can be provided with a great source of hope.

During a courtesy visit by Prime Minister Robert Abela to Archbishop Scicluna and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi at the Clergy House in Birkirkara, the Archbishop described the political wing as that which provides society with “concrete charity”.

Mgr Scicluna promised his total support to the Prime Minister as he expressed his intention to continue cooperating with the state for society’s common good.

“Against abortion and fully pro-life” – Abela

 In the meantime, Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that the reason for his visit was a way of showing that the state and the church have a common goal, namely that of taking care of the social sector. For this reason he felt that he should get out of his office in Castille and reach out to the Church.

When the Prime Minister was asked about the different religions in Malta, he was clear in his reply: “it is the fundamental right of every person to subscribe to any religion of their choice”.

Finally, the PM was heavily asked about the topic of abortion. His replies to all questions were decisive and clear: he is against abortion and fully pro-life.

Asked about the fact that he has appointed a Parliamentary Secretary who in the past months claimed that the embryo is not a person and whether abortion will be part of the constitution, he insisted that abortion is not legal in Malta and that it will remain being so as long as he remains Prime Minister.

After answering the journalists’ questions, the Prime Minister also met the members of the Archbishop’s Council. Following this meeting, Abela visited the Archbishop Emeritus Pawlu Cremona OP.

Afterwards, Dr Abela also met the director of the Clergy House, Mons. Anton Cassar, along with the Qaddejja taċ-Ċenaklu sisters who take care of the elderly and ill priests, the workers as well as the resident priests. The Clergy House currently hosts 47 religious and diocesan priests.

The speech by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna can be accessed here.