Watch: Q&A session on COVID-19

Live Q&A Session

Please post your questions in the comments section of this live stream session.

Posted by Mater Dei Hospital on Monday, March 30, 2020

Another 15-minute Question and Answer session was organised at Mater Dei Hospital, on Monday. The Head of Infection Control Professor Michael Borg held the Q&A session.

The public was invited to ask questions related to the COVID-19 situation. The questions were posted in advance in the comments section.


  • Can coronavirus be transmitted when handling cash? Ideally, we limit the amount of time we handle cash.
  • Does humidity increase the spread of coronavirus? Warmer temperatures and high humidity could help slow the spread but it is not yet confirmed through studies.
  • Why is there no need to wear masks when outside? In a particular country, people with COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed to go out without a mask. Prof. Borg that in Malta this is not acceptable as those with coronavirus symptoms are asked to stay indoors.
  • Can air conditioners be switched on? Yes, as long as the filters are clean.