Watch: Q&A session on COVID-19 and Cancer

Dr Nick Refalo consultant Oncologist at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre held the Q&A session at Mater Dei.

He answered questions on COVID19 and Cancer.

The public was invited to ask questions related to the COVID-19 situation.


  • People being treated for cancer are more at risk to have health complications if they contract coronavirus as they have a low immune system
  • Those receiving cancer treatment in the past are not necessarily at risk
  • Those who are currently receiving chemotherapy and have high temperature are asked immediately go to the emergency department
  • Cancer patients are to stay at home and take the necessary measures to avoid contracting the virus. It is not advisable for these patients to use public transport
  • Dr Refalo said that they are expecting COVID-19 cases to increase in the coming days
  • The public is not allowed to visit cancer patients at the Oncology Centre at MDH
  • Dr Refalo appealed to the public to follow the measures announced by the authorities

The public is invited to send questions for the next Q&A session in advance in the comments section of the Mater Dei Hospital Facebook Page.

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