Watch: 5 new coronavirus cases confirmed; Total 53

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Five new cases have been reported overnight, Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci announced on Thursday afternoon in her daily press conference.

Professor Gauci said that 304 people were tested on Wednesday alone.

The cases reported on Thursday are:

A 56-year-old Maltese woman who had a relative who also tested positive. She is part of a cluster of six patients. The woman did not have any contact with anyone.

A 29-year-old Maltese man who was in the UK between 8 and 15 March. Symptoms associated with coronavirus emerged on 15 March. The person had followed the rules upon his return to Malta he went under quarantine.

A 33-year-old Spanish man who resides and works in Malta tested positive. The man was in Madrid between 29 February and 9 March. He showed his first symptoms on 12 March. The man had gone to work for a couple of hours two days before he showed symptoms. From the risk assessment carried out, his colleagues were not at risk.

A 35-year-old Maltese man who traveled to Brussels also tested positive. The man was under quarantine and therefore posed no risk of being exposed to others.

The fifth case announced on Thursday was a 64-year-old Maltese man who is also a relative of someone else who tested positive. They traveled to the UK together but upon their return went under quarantine and the risk was minimised.

Professor Gauci explained that the majority of those who had tested positive were imported cases. She explained that others were related to the same cluster, adding that few cases had resulted from community spreading.

The Superintendent of Public Health noted that the fact five cases were reported which is less than the cases confirmed in recent days, this should not put the country’s mind at rest. She highlighted that one cannot safely say that the situation is good. “The peak has yet to come,” Professor Gauci warned.

She reminded the public on how easily coronavirus is transmitted and appealed once again to avoid unnecessary outings. Being a popular public holiday, Professor Gauci urged the public to enjoy the day either on the roof or in the garden minimizing the contact they have with outside people.

“Each and everyone of you has a role to play in this. Keep practicing good hygiene. Keep washing your hands and stay home. Those who feel sick and symptoms associated with Covid-19 call 111,” Professor Gauci said.

Speaking earlier on 103, Professor Gauci urged the public to remain at home during the public holiday and avoid going outside on unnecessary trips.