Watch: We’re passing through a difficult time but we shall emerge stronger – Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that despite the difficult time the country is going through due to the challenges posed by the outbreak of a global pandemic, the country will emerge stronger than before.

A televised message was aired on Tuesday night at 10pm on the national broadcaster TVM to mark 100 days in office. In his video message, Abela spoke about the country’s infrastructure and the national battle against coronavirus among other subjects.

Abela succeeded Joseph Muscat after the latter resigned following developments in the murder investigation of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The country plunged into political turmoil last November. Muscat had announced he would step down only after a new Labour leader was elected.

He said that his first 100 days in office consisted of long working days aimed at improving the quality of life of the Maltese. He acknowledged that he as well as the cabinet had to confront several challenges.

Referring to the recent political turmoil, Abela said that Malta had experienced “a great institutional shock”. According to the Prime Minister ‘had the situation not been adequately addressed, it would have ruined the Malta’s achievements’. He added that since his first day in office he had been working towards returning back to normal.

Abela also spoke about the rule of law and good governance. He mentioned that both government and opposition had agreed on the nomination of the new chief justice.

The Prime Minister mentioned various investment planned to improve the infrastructure, education and waste management.


Speaking about the global coronavirus pandemic, Abela said that Malta just like other countries was engaged in a “war” with an invisible enemy. He thanked the thousands of foreign workers who are currently employed in Malta in the healthcare sector acknowledging that if it were not for them, probably Malta would have lost the war to coronavirus.

He also thanked the disciplinary forces, as he made a reference to the maritime squad within AFM. He reiterated that there were those who wanted him to spend a lifetime in prison referring to the criminal complaint filed by rule of law NGO Repubblika over the incidents involving migrants.