Watch: Two new coronavirus cases confirmed; 8th and 9th

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Superintendent for Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci, confirmed that another 2 coronavirus cases in Malta have been confirmed.

These are the 8th and 9th cases recorded in Malta.

During a press briefing on the latest news regarding COVID-19 Prof. Gauci said that all cases till to date are imported cases of coronavirus and there were no local transmissions.

Prof. Gauci also said that health authorities will continue to enforce mandatory quarantine for all arrivals from affected areas and countries.

The 8th and 9th cases are a 29-year-old-man and a 26-year-old woman who have tested been positive for coronavirus.

The man is a foreign national, living and working in Malta. He arrived back to Malta on a flight from Brussels on the 8th of March and showed coronavirus symptoms the day after.

Prof. Gauci said that health authorities are tracing those he came in contact with especially passengers who were on the same flight with the man however, he did not have any symptoms while travelling back to Malta. The man was in self-quarantine upon his arrival and did not report to work.

The 9th case, the 26-year-old woman, is also a foreigner. The woman arrived back to Malta from Berlin.

Prof. Gauci said that the woman works in a private company and upon her arrival, she did not self-quarantine but went to work for 2 hours.

She also shares an apartment with other people who are also being tested against coronavirus.

The Superintendent for Public Health announced that a generic e-mail address will be launched today with regards to self and mandatory quarantine. Prof. Gauci said that people who want to report a possible case of COVID-19, for example, if someone is worried that a colleague, who has been abroad to affected areas might have contracted the virus, the concern can be sent through an email to the health authorities. The e-mail address will be announced later on by the health authorities.

Prof. Gauci said that authorities are encouraging people especially the elderly to not go out unnecessarily. They are also encouraging companies that if possible employees work from their home.

When questioned about school closures, the Superintendent for Public Health said that authorities will evaluate the situation and act accordingly.

Late on Wednesday evening, the 7th case of coronavirus has been confirmed by Maltese Health Authorities.

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