Watch: Pope Francis highlights the role of women as bearers of peace

Children dressed as the Three Wise Men walk past Pope Francis as he leads a Mass marking the World Day of Peace in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, January 1, 2020. REUTERS/Remo Casilli

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Pope Francis highlighted the role of women as the bearers of peace during his homily on Wednesday morning at St Peter’s Basilica. The Holy Father presided over Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Wednesday also marked the 53rd World Day of Peace. He denounced the use and abuse of women in modern society, calling for an end to the exploitation of the female body.

During his homily, Pope Francis spoke about Mary the mother and the role of women as bearers of peace. The theme of the Church is the Church as the mother and women as bearers of peace.

“The rebirth of humanity began with a woman,” the Pope told the congregation. He added that women are a source of life. Pope France many times repeated that the son of God was born of a woman. The homily found its source in the gospel reading, he explained that the when the appointed time came, God sent His son to be born of a woman. In that womb, God and humanity united. He added that on the first day of the year, the community is celebrating the union of God and man.

Pope Francis explained that in the Bible woman appears as the culmination of creation, adding that it is though as she embodied the purpose of creation itself. He noted that nowadays motherhood is humiliated with the world being obsessed with more economic growth.

“We can understand our level of humanity by the way we treat a woman’s body,” he said on Wednesday.

The Holy Father noted that despite being a source of life, they were continually hurt through rape, forced into prostitution, among other sources of hurt. He also spoke about migrant women who take on a dangerous journey in search for a better life for their children. He added that these are seen “surplus”. He added that these women should be honoured and not scorned.

“All violence inflicted on women is a desecration of God,” the Pope said in his homily.

Speaking about the Church as the mother, Pope Francis said that many look at the Church’s structures and programmes but fail at grasping her heart. ‘The Church has a mother’s heart,’ Pope Francis said. He then invited the congregation to stand up and invoke Mary three times with a salutation.

On 12 December, Pope’s Francis’ message entitled “Peace as a journey of hope: dialogue, reconciliation and ecological conversion” was published.