Watch: Government reactive and selective with new financial measures, PN says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the government was not taking timely decisions and newly announced financial package was a reactive measure after the previous package was heavily criticized by social partners and stakeholders.

Delia addressed a press conference on Wednesday afternoon at the party’s headquarters in Pietà. Reacting to the newly announced financial aid package for businesses which were adversely impacted by coronavirus, the Partit Nazzjonalista leader noted that the government backtracked on its initial decisions.

The Opposition leader stated that employees have already been fired due to the late decision taken by the government. He noted that some of the measures announced on Tuesday evening will be applied retroactively, adding that the government acknowledged that the initial measures had not been sufficient to safeguard jobs.

Of the 170,000 private sector workers only 60,000 of them would be assisted by the government. The rest will receive weaker to no assistance, Delia remarked.

The Opposition Leader noted that the government resorted to making partisan statements rather than reply on why it was not reducing utility bills when faced with such a situation. Oil prices have dropped as the coronavirus pandemic has caused travel restrictions and social lockdowns. Apart from having a lower oil consumption, the oil price-war between Russia and Saudi Arabia continued and oil prices have fallen more than half since the beginning of the year to around €27.73 a barrel.

Delia reiterated Partit Nazzjonalista’s call for the government to reduce utility tariffs at a time when oil prices were at their lowest and many people were using more electricity as they were at home.

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