Watch: “Govt measures intended only to postpone payments” – PN

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Konferenza tal-ahbarijiet

Għandha tingħata l-għajnuna kollha meħtieġa mingħajr dewmien lill-ħaddiema u n-negozji. Bżonn ta’ miżuri immirati u ambizzjużi li jtaffu d-diffikutajiet ta’ min iħaddem biex insalvaw l-impjiegi. Konferenza tal-aħbarijiet.

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Friday, March 20, 2020

The Nationalist Party Stated that the government announced measures to assist the business community but unfortunately the measures are not even close to alleviating the burden companies and employees are currently facing due to the coronavirus scenario affecting Malta and Gozo.

“Despite the circumstances, the government is providing more funding to Steward Healthcare than to the entire health system,” said PN’s Deputy Leader David Agius

On Friday, during a press conference, addressed by Deputy Leader David Agius and MPs Edwin Vassallo and Ivan Bartolo, Agius said that the PN will remain proactive and will continue following the latest updated on the spread of coronavirus to assure the right financial measures are implemented to help the business community, employees and families.

David Agius said that the government is failing to assure that employees retain their jobs.

Deputy PN leader David Agius said that from the financial package of €1.81 billion government has allocated only 10% are directly aimed towards private companies.

Agius qal li gvernijiet ta’ pajjiżi Ewropej oħra qalu li mhux se jippermettu li jintilfu l-impjiegi.

On Thursday, PN leader said that it was not true that the government will be forking out €1.8 billion in assistance. Delia highlighted that €700 million in tax deferrals will not help companies remain afloat to retain their employees.

He then reiterated some of the proposals announced by the Nationalist Party; the government should subsidise 50% of the salaries, the government should enter into talks with the banks to postpone payments of loans and to undercut water and electricity bills to businesses and families.

PN MP Edwin Vassallo mentioned how many businesses are operating at a loss, others are considering of closing down their business while others have already closed down. Vassallo said that ideally not even one business should be affected let alone jobs.

Edwin Vassallo then pointed out how there are doubts on who is eligible and who is not eligible to benefit from the measures announced by the government,

During the press conference, MP Ivan Bartolo said that the government should also calculate the price our economy will have to pay if certain measures are not implemented immediately. He said that behind every job there is a person and his family and their interests should be safeguarded.

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