Watch: PN proposes further COVID-19 measures

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Konferenza tal – Ahbarijiet

Konferenza tal-Aħbarijiet

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Monday, March 30, 2020

In each and every proposal made by the Nationalist Party in view of the COVID-19 situation was intended to safeguard public health and to safeguard businesses and jobs.

This was stated by PN MP Claudio Grech during a press conference which was also addressed by MPs Karl Gouder and Ivan Bartolo.

Claudio Grech appealed to the government to avoid a back-tracking situation. He said that in such circumstances when a new measure to avoid the spread of coronavirus is announced, the necessary consultation must take place prior to announcing measures to avoid unnecessary concerns.

New proposals by the PN

A detailed list of all businesses affected by the coronavirus should be published and should be extended to other sectors whose employees had their disposable income affected.

Claudio Grech said that there are hundreds of other economic sectors which are suffering and hundreds of employees who are directly affected such as the media industry and physiotherapists amongst many others.

Grech has also reiterated the proposal that PN leader Adrian Delia has already announced, that of Water and electricity bills to be deducted by 50% to all households. He also said that this measure is needed more than ever since over 118,000 people, on Thursday, have been ordered to stay indoors.

The third proposal is linked to the Education sector.

During the press conference, MP Ivan Bartolo announced 5 more proposals; private rent moratorium, housing authority rent moratorium, platform support to the vulnerable, a programme for NGOs to provide support to the elderly and vulnerable and a support scheme to foodbanks.

MP Karl Gouder announced another 3 proposals; six-month moratorium on residential and buy to let loans, a one time grant to the elderly to get connect to the internet and a campaign to avoid abuse in the pricing of essential items.