Watch: “If Muscat can’t save up, how will workers with lower wages?”

Flimkien għal Pajjiżna: Attività politika f'Birkirkara. #flimkienghalpajjizna

Se niddefendu lil Malta biex nibqgħu niddeċiedu aħna fuq it-taxxa fl-aħjar interess tal-impjiegi u l-ekonomija. #flimkienghalpajjizna

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Leader of the Opposition and Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia said that if Muscat isn’t managing to save up, while earning the highest wage rate in the public sector, how will a worker earning a lesser pay? This was said during a political activity in Birkirkara.

Delia said that the Leader of Partit Laburista is encouraging workers to work an extra part-time job in order to be able live comfortably. Delia also explained how Partit Nazzjonalista strove to increase thousands of jobs, especially in the aviation, pharmaceutical and gaming sectors. However, Partit Laburista is risking Malta becoming a tax haven, added Delia.

The Leader of the Opposition described how Partit Laburista accepted that if the socialists were to gain a majority in the European Parliament, tax rates would be harmonised across all countries. Delia said that due to Malta’s small size, this would impact it negatively.

“Together we can battle cancer”

During the activity, Delia encouraged everyone to unite and fight the battle against cancer. He mentioned how this issue should not be political, but national and European. Malta should give an example first hand on how to unite to find a cure for cancer, Delia added. He mentioned that instead of spending money on billboards and campaigns, the government should be spending on doctors and students to motivate the research regarding a cure for cancer.

“We will defend every infant’s voice”

Abortion was also discussed thoroughly during the event. The Leader of Partit Nazzjonalista stated that PN will continue to defend every infant’s rights, and be the voice of every one that doesn’t have a voice.

“90% of those appointed were due to nepotism”

Delia mentioned that the Party has always fought for liberty and justice. However, Delia believes that 90% of those appointed were due to nepotism. The Leader of PN insisted that justice needs to be served and shown in the light of day; the same way the Egrant report should also be fully published and shown.