Watch: “Migrants should not be left onboard Captain Morgan vessels” – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Intervistat mill-ġurnalist indipendenti Brian Hansford. 🇲🇹🖥

Intervistat mill-ġurnalist indipendenti Brian Hansford. 🇲🇹🖥

Posted by Adrian Delia on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Our country needs assistance from the European Union to tackle the migration crisis in the Mediterranean region, stated Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia during an interview on the party’s media. Adrian Delia is being interviewed by Brian Hansford.

Adrian Delia stated that the migrants in distress need to be offered a safe port. He also said that they cannot be left onboard the Captain Morgan vessels. On Friday, a third private vessel, Bahari, owned by Captain Morgan has been chartered by the government to hold 121 asylum seekers out of a group of 140 which were rescued over the past two days.

The PN leader emphasised that he and the Nationalist Party is against pushbacks because it is illegal and if Malta pushes migrants back it will not receive any form of assistance from the European Union.

He also stated that now that summer is near we might face more migrants fleeing from Libya and Malta definitely does not have the necessary resources to assist a large number of migrants and that is why a European intervention is needed and the government must put pressure so that Malta receives help and that migrants can be relocated to different EU member states.

Regarding the post of Commissioner for the Police, the PN leader asked how is it possible that a Police Commissioner will be under probation for the first few months. He also said that this is a post which requires discipline and that the selected candidate must fulfil his or her duties without any interferences and this is why the PN is questioning why the government is imposing a period of probation for this Police top post.

The PN leader continued to explain that the Nationalist Party and the Opposition will intervene in the process of appointing the new Police Commissioner when they deem it is necessary.