Watch: A year of reshuffles due to incompetence – Grech

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Leader of Partit Nazzjonalista Bernard Grech said that this was a year of reshuffles. He was speaking during an interview on Net FM.

He said that the so-called ‘greatest’ cabinet of all time did not manage to last a year. The changes, as according to him the case of Silvio Parnis confirms, were fruit of the vociferous opposition to what Grech described as the incompetence of the former Parliamentary Secretary in controlling the spread of Covid-19 in homes for care for the elderly.

During the interview Dr Bernard Grech looked back to the past year 2020, a year of changes for himself, for the PN and for Malta and Gozo as a whole. He spoke about the importance of staying connected with the people.

“When the vaccine arrives, we still need to be cautious” Grech warned.

The pandemic affected Maltese lives during 2020. However, looking at a bright side, said Grech, the pandemic also brought people together. It helped the Maltese to think about what is most dear, the value of money, time, family. He emphasized the importance of caring for each other and being there for each other and following the health authority guidelines.

On his ‘loss of freedom’

“I lost my freedom, but I am hugely satisfied”, said the PN leader, when questioned about his life’s personal changes.

“However, nothing beats the satisfaction when one sees that what he’s working on is leaving the desired impact” he continued. He said that the first days of the new leadership have shown huge steps forward, yielding a party that is more united and closer to the people.

Grech stressed the importance of the party sections and their strengthening. Bernard Grech concluded that the PN provides a friendly ear and takes heed of the challenges faced by society. He said that 2021 will be a year during which the PN needs to continue convincing people that they are a real alternative government.

Intervistat fuq Net FM

Intervista li għamilli l-kandidat tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Errol Cutajar fuq NET FM.

Posted by Bernard Grech on Sunday, December 13, 2020

Watch: Grech urges caution on when pandemic will be over
Watch: Grech urges caution on when pandemic will be over