Watch: A shadow cabinet to include everyone, Grech says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Bernard Grech insisted that the new shadow cabinet under his leadership will include everyone.

Grech will ensure that his predecessor Adrian Delia will form part of the shadow cabinet which he will appoint in the coming weeks.

During an interview on party media on Sunday with Professor Andrew Azzopardi, Grech asserted that he will be insisting that Delia is given shadowing. He underlined that he does not want to lose anyone. Grech maintained that his predecessor was still valid as are those who follow him. He remarked that Delia’s loyal supporters should follow in his footsteps and remain in the party.

Grech said that he requested a brief from each and every MP and will be deciding accordingly. Further he will hold discussions with PN MPs at the party’s headquarters. The newly appointed Opposition leader remarked that since his election the parliamentary group has already met twice in a week.

Grech doesn’t exclude PN would request an inquiry into Electrogas

Grech did not exclude that Partit Nazzjonalista or himself would request a magisterial inquiry into the corruption allegations which have engulfed the consortium in charge of the gas-fired power station project.

Grech who has already urged the prime minister to request an inquiry with the latter saying that if the Opposition leader had any evidence he could request it himself, told the host that he would not exclude that the Opposition requests a magisterial inquiry into the deal.

Joseph Muscat is not comparable to Adrian Delia

The newly appointed Opposition leader noted that many have come to an understanding that disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat could have taken better and more timely decisions related to the various corruption allegations. He noted that various ministers have been summoned to testify in the public inquiry into the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia saying that they were not aware of the “kitchen cabinet” first mentioned by the finance minister.

Grech maintained that Muscat cannot be compared to former PN leader Adrian Delia, adding the latter is part of the solution for Partit Nazzjonalista.