Watch: Govt must provide peace of mind to businesses, says Adrian Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Messagg mill-Kap tal-PN Adrian Delia

Messagg mill-Kap tal-PN Adrian Delia

Posted by Adrian Delia on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Government needs to provide the necessary comfort to the business community, said PN leader Adrian Delia.

During his Sunday speech, Partit Nazzjonalista and Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that businesses in all economic sectors do not have a clear picture as to what is the present situation being analysed by the government. Delia said that this is the result of the lack of long term plans.

“We must know what are our priorities will be, post coronavirus pandemic,” said Adrian Delia.

The PN leader compared the comfort being provided by health authorities to that provided by the government in relation to the country’s economic plan. He said that the government is more focused on numbers and statistics – budget, deficit and surplus and is failing to addresses each and every economic sectors which are facing different financial challenges.

Adrian Delia has also appealed for more dissemination of information about coronavirus and its impact on various levels as people have the right to know and understand the way forward post-COVID-19.

He has also reiterated his message to authorities to address people who suffer from mental health issues. Delia said that this along with fear is a virus we must fight.

The PN leader said that in view of the recent scenario posed by the pandemic it will remain the Opposition’s duty to continue safeguarding the state of our democracy. He explained that there are countries who take advantage of such a situation but this was not the case in Malta as the Nationalist party continued working towards preserving democracy.

Adrian Delia was referring to the decision taken on Wednesday that Government and the Opposition agreed on the nomination of Judge Mark Chetcuti as Chief Justice. 

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