Watch: “Publish the report and we’ll see what you’re hiding” – Delia

Flimkien għal Pajjiżna: Attività politika fl-Imsida. #flimkienghalpajjizna

M’hemm xejn aktar xi jżomm lil Joseph Muscat milli jippubblika r-rapport tal-Maġistrat Aaron Bugeja. #flimkienghalpajjizna

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia has once again asked the Leader of Partit Laburista Joseph Muscat to publish the Egrant report, as this will finally expose what Muscat is hiding. This was said after the Magisterial Court denied Delia’s request to gain a copy of the same report.

Updated: PN leader to appeal Egrant court decision; fulfill duty as ‘public watchdog’

“The Court decided that the Opposition has a right to be Government’s watchdog”

While addressing a political activity held at Imsida, Delia said the Court’s ruling shows that the Leader of Partit Nazzjonalista has the right and the duty to be Government’s public watchdog, and that the information the report holds should be made public.

The leader of PN stated that it was Muscat himself who said that he wants the report to be published. Delia added that there hasn’t yet been any valid reason to slow this process down.

“He did not want to discuss abortion”

Delia stated that the Leader of Partit Laburista disrespected those who are against abortion. Delia added that although there were six parliamentary hearings dedicated towards abortion, Muscat changed them in a way to avoid discussing the subject. The Leader of the Opposition addressed the Prime Minister himself, and requested that they discuss the controversial topic.

Watch: “This election is also a referendum on abortion” – Delia

Adrian Delia concluded stating that he will be requesting a debate with Muscat on Friday, out of respect for the general public.