Watch: “Govt has the chance to revoke agreement with Steward Healthcare” – PN

PN and Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that after the deal with Vitals Global Healthcare the labour government made another deal with Steward Healthcare which accommodates this private company rather than the general public.

Adrian Delia stated this during a press conference during which he explained again why the Nationalist Opposition filed a parliamentary motion concerning the controversial hospital concession agreement which Delia explained it has the aim to confirm if Labour MPs are ready to defend the interest of the people or take the side of Steward Healthcare deal signed by the Labour government under the helm of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

The motion filed by the PN will be discussed on Thursday.

The PN leader said that the government must publish all agreements signed to transfer 3 public hospitals into the hands of a private company.

Steward Healthcare could end up being paid €100 million for the termination of the concession agreement and this is not acceptable and confirms that the deal went against the national interest especially since the details of the agreement are still kept secret.

The press conference was also addressed by the PN MPs Stephen Spiteri and Claudio Grech. Both Spiteri and Grech said that on Thursday Parliament will be asked to condemn this deal and to demand the government to revoke the concession agreement and the restatement agreement.

The Nationalist Party said that the government must take action against and condemn this deal secured by former Minister Konrad Mizzi, former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and even by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna who has also given the go-ahead for this corrupt deal, said PN leader Adrian Delia.

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