Watch: ‘Muscat will leave the country full of problems’ – Delia

The Leader of Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia said that the Leader of Partit Laburista Joseph Muscat will leave the country full of problems as he in not planning for the long run.

This was said during a rally in Pieta. Delia stated that although Muscat wants the election to be between the leaders of the Parties, he didn’t want to participate in a debate with him on the television show Xarabank. “Today, the socialist party is just one person”, said Delia. He added that although PL enjoys a majority in regards of numbers and finances, the party solely revolves around Muscat. “He wants us to join him, yet he is leaving soon”, stated Delia.

He said that PN is not like the Labour Government, that’s priority is to take control and power, but to serve and accommodate the public. Delia said that politics isn’t just a single person. He added that politics should be determined from the below, and not from above.

“Multiple reports condemning Government”

 Delia reminded the audience about the multiple reports which condemned Government. These include, the Venice Commission, the GRECO report, and that of Moneyval. He also said that Muscat ended up criticising those institutions. Delia said that according to Muscat, no institution is serious unless it falls within his grip. Delia continued to explain how Muscat has spent the past month describing the country as being not normal. The Leader of PN said that Malta has become a country where journalists and foreigners are killed and murdered.

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The Leader of the Opposition also discussed the situation involving the two soldiers currently being accused of killing two men because of their race. Delia questioned why the brigadier did not take action against one of the accused, as he had already committed a similar act in the past. “What does he have to hide? Who was he protecting? What was the act?” asked Delia.

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According to Delia, Muscat’s Government does not realise and correct its mistakes. Delia apologised for those who have been hurt because of PN.

The Leader PN also stated that Government wants to create social classes where locals and foreigners have different jobs and positions.

Delia thanked all the PN candidates campaigning for the Local Council Elections, who are giving a public service despite not receiving any compensation or gratitude. He also thanked all the PN PE candidates for their personal sacrifices.