Watch: 10 people die each week because of air quality

The leader of Nationalist Party Adrian Delia, said that 10 people a week are dying prematurely because of air quality. Delia raised this during a political activity in Żurrieq entitled, ‘Together For Our Country’.

The PN leader made reference to the report released earlier this week where Malta rated the second highest in a list of countries with high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the European Union.

70 cars on the road every day

Adrian Delia said the number of vehicles on the road had increased to 70 vehicles a day. He said that the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had instead addressed this problem by making incentives such as transport with less emissions and cheap or free public transport, he is  continuing widen the roads.

He said that in previous years the Labour Party had blamed the PN for having a cancer factory but now the pollution had increased during the last years.

Delia mentioned that Malta is paying for projects in the European Union as a consequence of not reaching the European Union goals.

The PN believes that Europe has resources to find a cure for cancer

Delia said that the Nationalist Party believes that Europe has the resources to create a European master plan against cancer.

He stressed that the issue should be tackled as one nation. He appealed everyone to work together to combat cancer disease. Delia said that the PN is in discussions with the European People’s Party on this issue.

PN defends everyone

During his speech, Adrian Delia said PN defends everyone.

By this speech he mentioned that as a party, they would defend the unborn child as well as those alive. He said that therefore they must defend everyone from cancer disease.

He explained that 2,000 people were dying from cancer, this being 25% of all deaths per year. Delia said that the PN had always believed that can beat this disease by bringing European Union funds to Malta’s Oncology wards.

He reminded the audience that the Nationalist Party made great campaigns for people to carry out breast cancer screening to catch this as soon as possible, adding that about 40% of cancers can be cured if caught early.

Delia said that the Party promises to deliver holistic support to people and their families who are experiencing cancer. It is often said that without this support, patients are discouraged.  Delia thanked all those who render support to these people and said that it should be given not only by NGOs and volunteers but also by the government.

Nationalist leader Adrian Delia, is addressing a political activity at Mons. Pietru Pawl Saydon in Żurrieq.

The activity is taking place at 18.30PM.