Watch: ‘Malta to be under investigation because of Muscat’ – Delia

Leader of Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia stated that Malta will be investigated because of Muscat’s acts and decisions.

This was said during a political activity held in Nadur, where Delia talked about the report published by the European Council about Malta. He said that the report is calling an inquiry upon the whole country. “Where one used to feel proud to be Maltese, now we will all be investigated”, said Delia. He stated that PN had not yet seen the entire report.

The Leader of PN told the audience that by allowing the selling of citizenship together with vulnerability in banks, Malta has become a risk to Europe. Delia said that the report describes a sense of impunity in Malta, meaning that bad decisions do not lead to any consequences. He described Malta as an “anarchy”, where one can kill without consequence.

Delia talks about Gozo

The Leader of the Opposition said that when Government issued a tender for a Malta-Gozo fast ferry, there was confusion, “as always”. Delia also added that Government managed to somehow attain a fourth Gozo Channel, coincidentally a week before the elections. He added that the Government acquired a ship which is older than the ones currently in operations. Delia stated that this shows that Government does not care about Gozo.

Delia stated that the only way people can save democracy is by voting, and this will show on the 25th of May. “Whoever stays home and doesn’t vote is saying yes to Joseph Muscat”, concluded Delia.