Watch: Young people are accusing the authorities of destroying the environment – Delia


Flimkien għal Pajjiżna: Attività politika fiż-Żejtun. #flimkienghalpajjizna

Flimkien għal Pajjiżna: Attività politika fiż-Żejtun. #flimkienghalpajjizna

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

During a political activity in Zejtun, Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) leader Adrian Delia, promised that the party will work for a cleaner Malta with more open spaces, rather than simply unbridled growth. He made reference to statistics released by Eurostat which showed that Malta had the second largest increase of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) from all European Union countries.

Delia said Joseph Muscat lied six years ago when he said that the Labour Party was committed to making the environment a priority. He pointed out that in these six years Malta had in fact lost much of its natural environment. He said that a lot of young people were not interested in politics, but they were interested in safeguarding the environment and they were accusing the authorities of not doing enough to take care of it.

Amongst other issues, Delia said that instead of providing sustainable transport, the government was widening the roads, which meant more cars and, subsequently, more pollution. He said that while other countries were reaching their targets, Malta had not.

Delia said that under this government, waste was increasing not decreasing. He added that the government was thinking of implementing land reclamation without having carried out the appropriate studies. He said that the government thinks only of the present and does not care about the future.