Watch: ‘We can fight the arrogance of a government that refuses to listen, together’ – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that by working together irrespective of partisan belief, they can fight together the arrogance of a government that refuses to listen, during the Party’s electoral campaign launch on Monday evening.

‘Flimkien għal Pajjiżna’ or Together for our country, is the theme chosen by Partit Nazzjonalista for the upcoming European Parliament and Local Council elections which will be held on 25 May. General Secretary Clyde Puli said that the party will be fielding ten candidates for the EP election and 295 Local Council candidates which include a 16-year-old. PN presented its candidates in a televised event from Dar Ċentrali, Pietà on Monday evening.

Party leader Adrian Delia said that the people needed a voice for their concerns and someone who truly listens to them. The Opposition leader said that while the campaign have just started the party has limited financial resources at its disposal unlike the unlimited of Partit Laburista.

Speaking about the candidates, Delia said that some of them have been on the front line defending Malta’s name and reputation, which have taken a hard hit. The party leader stated that Partit Nazzjonalista will work to show that the current administration is not Malta, and that the country is composed of hard working and honest workers and youths that believe in moving forward.

Delia also spoke of the vulnerable sections within society who cannot voice their concerns, saying that society has an obligation towards these people. He went on to refer to the recently reports about the dilapidated wards at Mount Carmel Hospital, reiterating that as a country, ‘we should be able to offer assistance to the most vulnerable’.

Speaking about economic growth, Delia said that the environment was destroyed at an unprecedented rate due to the economic model adopted.

PN leader Adrian Delia went on to say that working together in the best interest of the country will make sure that the country is defended, that the best opportunities are seized and to make sure that a difference is made.

He explained that although performing well at the upcoming elections will not translate into a change in government, he said that this could be the first step by the electorate so that in the coming years the necessary change for the country could then take place.

Video: Facebook page – Adrian Delia.