Watch: PN says two-days notice is not enough for restaurants to re-open

Konferenza tal-ahbarijiet

Konferenza tal-ahbarijiet

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Giving restaurants a two-days notice to reopen is not enough said the Nationalist Party during a press conference addressed by the PN’s deputy leader Robert Arrigo and MPs Edwin Vassallo and Hermann Schiavone.

The PN stated that the catering sector might be one of those sectors which will take long to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic economic effects. The PN also explained that many restaurants and cafeterias had to terminate a number of employments due to the recent developments. Many were also considering shutting down their business, said the PN.

MP Herman Schiavone explained that restaurants need to prepare and implement the necessary measures in order to operate and that is why giving them only two days to prepare is not enough.

During the press conference, Edwin Vassallo explained that many people’s income depends on the tourism sector and these include businesses such as taxis or cab drivers and car rental businesses amongst others.

In the meantime during question time, the three MPs refused to answer a question related to the migration crisis in the Mediterranean region. The PN MPs said that the question is not related to the topic explained during the press conference.

The Insitute of Maltese Journalists, IĠM, has criticised Prime Minister Robert Abela for ditching questions put forward by journalists related to the migration crisis.

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