Watch: PN urges NAO to publish investigation on govt’s agreement with Steward Healthcare

The Nationalist Party leader and Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the Labour government is insisting to safeguard the interests of Steward Healthcare rather than the interests of the people.

PN leader Adrian Delia sated this during a press conference at the PN’s headquarters.

The PN has also appealed to the NAO National Audit Office to publish its investigation on the concession agreement signed, an investigation which has been going on for 3 years.

Adrian Delia said that when the PN asked Prime Minister Robert Abela to declare null the concession agreement with Vitals Global Healthcare and then Steward Healthcare, Abela could not do it, said the PN leader as Robert Abela provided legal assistance to the then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to go ahead with the deal to transfer 3 public hospitals to a private company.

During these past six years, the Maltese government gave over €300 million to Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) and then to Steward Health Care who was given the concession of 3 public hospitals; Gozo General Hospital, Karen Grech and St.Lukes Hospital. Between VGH and Steward Healthcare there was a sale agreement which was kept secret and which resulted in the concession of the 3 public hospitals for 99 years, sold for €1.

The press conference was also addressed by PN MPs Stephen Spiteri and Karol Aquilina.

MP Stephen Spiteri said that it is shameful that if Steward Healthcare fails to deliver and decides to leave our country then the government has to pay them from the taxpayer’s money. But unfortunately, that was the kind of deal labour government delivered to the people.

What should have been a public contract to improve the health system of our country has been turned into a scandal where contracts have not yet been made public, said MP Karol Aquilina.

The PN leader also mentioned that Vitals Global Healthcare, Chief Executive Officer, Ram Tumuluri had paid himself €5 million in bonus – the bonus was a condition listed in his contract which was to be paid on his third year as Vitals Global Healthcare CEO.

Vitals Global Healthcare has sought concessions similar to the ones it obtained in Malta in other countries, a practice which has continued following Steward’s takeover.

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