Watch: “Education Ministry did not have a contingency plan” – PN

Konferenza tal-ahbarijiet

Konferenza tal-ahbarijiet

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The Nationalist Party said that the current coronavirus situation in Malta showed that the government had no contingency plan, especially in the education sector.

On Tuesday, during a press conference, MP Clyde Puli said that despite the decision to shut down schools to prevent the spread of coronavirus, was a good decision, the government should have implemented the measure earlier.

Puli said that this shows that the Education Ministry did not have a plan to address possible circumstances in view of the COVID-19 situation.

Clyde Puli also said that the current situation has also shown that the government did not invest enough in e-learning strategy. He also said that authorities need to monitor students who might struggle when it comes to learning.

He also mentioned that the Education Ministry should increase education resources online for students but also for parents to help them assist their children.

The press conference was also addressed by MPs Claudette Buttigieg and Ryan Callus.

Claudette Buttigieg said that action needs to be taken immediately for all those students who were supposed to sit for the MATSEC exams in the coming days. Buttigieg said can someone tell these students if they are to sit for their exams or not.

She mentioned that there are students who haven’t covered all the syllabus.

Claudette Buttigieg also said that logistically it makes sense that MATSEC exams are postponed as she cannot imagine how authorities can control the necessary social distancing of almost 10,000 students who are to sit for their O levels and A levels.

During the press conference, MP Ryan Callus tackled the issues of mental health, sports and obesity.

Ryan Callus said that till today authorities have addressed the coronavirus situation from the economic and medical aspect to combat the virus. He said that we should not ignore mental health.

Callus also mentioned how various sports clubs should also receive support from the government as many are losing their sponsorships due to the coronavirus situation.

Ryan Callus stated that the government needs to revise the financial package to assist all businesses affected by COVID-19 as €175 million are not enough.

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