Watch: National Insurance payments should be cancelled not postponed, says PN

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Konferenza tal-Ahbarijiet dwar it-turizmu u l-COVID-19

Konferenza tal-Ahbarijiet dwar it-turizmu u l-COVID-19

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Monday, August 24, 2020

The Nationalist Party has proposed that the vouchers distributed by the government should be re issued and extended and should include grocery shops, that National Insurance payments should be cancelled rather than postponed and that a percentage should be deducted from salaries given to individuals occupying positions of trust and that percentage should be allocated to food banks.

These proposals amongst others were proposed by the PN’s deputy leader Robert Arrigo during a press conference on Monday which tackled the latest challenges the tourism industry is facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Arrigo said that the PN is in favour of the introduction of the health passport.

The press conference was also addressed by Samuel Azzopardi, Jerome Caruana Cilia and Ivan Bartoli.

The effect on the tourism industry on Gozo, the banking sector and the effects of the pandemic on society were also addressed during the press conference.

The PN appealed to the government to lower the interest rates for businesses operating in the tourism sector as from a survey conducted by the Malta Chamber for SMEs it was noticed that rent payments are currently the largest burden for businesses. Almost half of the businesses which participated in this survey said that they rent a place for their business which costs around €2,500 and €5,000 a month.

Samuel Azzopardi said that the majority of the tourism in Gozo was internal which when compared to last year’s statistics show a major drop in tourism in Gozo. He referred to the Santa Maria weekend in August when usually Gozo is packed with tourists and Maltese but this year, as confirmed by the Gozo Channel Chairman as well, was more of a typical weekend when Maltese head over to Gozo for a few days.

The PN said that the majority of the people have not realized as yet the situation we are living in as people think that since they receive their salary then everything is normal. But the reality is far from this explained Ivan Bartoli.

In the next weeks the government’s measures for businesses will expire and they will have to find a way how to deal with the situation said Bartoli who also mentioned the social phenomenom of poverty. He continued to explain that if the economy which might be heading into a recession, is not addressed as it should than the number of people in poverty will increase.