Muscat compatible with Labour values – Abela

The Prime Minister Robert Abela kept defending former PM Joseph Muscat, saying that his position as member of parliament is compatible with the Labour parliamentary group’s values.

When he was fielding questions from journalists in a televised press conference on the party’s TV station One TV, Abela made reference to media reports saying that Muscat is expected to quit as MP after summer. He added that stepping down from MP was a personal decision.

Abela disassociated himself from claims made by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family that the cabinet was made aware of who exactly owns the infamous Macbridge account last November.

Abela denied that he knew who was the owner of Macbridge and quashed rumors that the Cabinet meeting held on the 28th November 2019 to discuss Yorgen Fenech’s presidential pardon, touched upon the Wind farm project in Montenegro.

Abela also said that a snap election was the easiest way out for him, hinting forthcoming elections could have foregone conclusions. He added that he does not need a fresh mandate by the electorate to start a new page for the Labour government.

The Prime Minister defended his cabinet, saying that the magisterial inquiry into claims of misuse of public money is a step too far albeit acknowledging that journalists’ rights to asked the National Audit Office to carry out an audit of public money spent by minister on their personal Facebook pages.

On the Air Malta, the PM said that he is personally involved in talks with ALPA over the redundancy of a number of pilots after the collapse of talks on the new collective agreement.

He warned that there will be no backtracking of these redundancy as the government is no backed by the court’s decision. He said that the court has upheld Air Malta’s decision to consolidate the national airline’s viability. He said that he was confident that Malta would be reaching the objective sent in tourism of 700,000 mark, regardless whether Air Malta will still be in business or not.