Watch: CEOs of govt entities must not seek other ventures, says PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that he will give a clear direction that Chief Executive Officers responsible for government entities will not be allowed to seek other ventures while at the helm of the respective entities.

Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Robert Abela was addressing a party activity at St George’s Square in Valletta when he said that these CEOs are paid very well for their jobs and they should only focus on their role as CEOs.

Abela was indirectly referring to the latest revelations about the resignations within the Malta Financial Services Authority, MFSA and the Malta Gaming Authority, MGA.

The Labour Party leader then referred to what PN MP Jason Azzopardi revealed on Saturday during an interview on 103 Malta’s Heart. He said that Azzopardi is obstructing the investigations led by the Police which are still underway.

The Nationalist Party MP Jason Azzopardi, a lawyer to the family of Daphne Caruana Galizia, insisted that a sitting member of Robert Abela’s cabinet was mentioned by Vincent Muscat “il-Koħħu” in connection to a very serious crime that preceded the murder of the blogger and journalist. Vince Muscat is one of three men so far accused of carrying out the murder of Caruana Galizia – businessman Yorgen Fenech is also accused of ordering it – and has been seeking a presidential pardon to reveal all that he knows.

“Budget 2021 was a visionary budget”

The budget for next year did not only target the current coronavirus situation but it was a visionary budget for the next ten years said Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Robert Abela while addressing a party activity at St George’s Square in Valletta.

Abela again said why the 2021 budget is the best budget in history and that this was confirmed by the leader of the Opposition’s reaction for the budget. PM Abela said that the PN’s attack towards what was presented for next year’s budget shows that nothing has changed within the PN.

Abela said that through the voucher scheme the economy received the much needed economic impetus as much as 40,000 tourists would have.

During his speech in Valletta Robert Abela also announced that the government will addresses the anomality where it is very hard for a person suffering from a medical condition to obtain a health insurance to buy a property.

PM Abela said that he recently met with a person who has to travel to the United Kingdom for medical treatment and who is experiencing this situation. Abela said that this was something he wanted to address in the 2021 budget but was not and he is now committing himself to address it.