Watch: After Central Link we shall have more trees, Abela says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Once the Central Link project is completed, the country will have more trees, Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela claimed on Sunday during a party activity in which he was questioned by members of the public at Balzan.

Addressing party supporters, Abela said that a balance was found in the Central Link project set to be completed by mid-next year. He noted that despite the pandemic, works continued and are on time. He explained that the government managed to safeguard the environment while at the same time upgrade the infrastructure. Abela added that on completion there will be more trees.

During the party organised activity, Abela was quizzed on the budget, on the reopening of schools, and on guaranteeing that the party will continue to “uphold leftist and socialist” values, among other topics.

Imperative that children go to school

An assistant head teacher working in a state school, asked the Labour leader whether the lack of fines for non-attendance will lead to abuse.

Abela insisted that the reopening of schools was a crucial step forward and that physical attendance remains of utmost importance.

Hailing the staggered reopening of schools following intensive discussions with stakeholders, Abela urged parents who have not sent their children to school out of fear to ensure that their children are following the lessons online. He assured that many protocols have been implemented to mitigate risks and safeguard the health of children and educators.

Abela maintained that virtual lessons are no substitute for physical attendance, adding that each day which is lost by a child is irreversible. Commenting on the possibility of abuse now that there were no more fines in place, Abela said that parents are responsible for their children and that they need to ensure that their children are receiving an education. He noted that missing out on school was a greater fine than the monetary one.

Labour-led government cut off from reality – PN

Partit Nazzjonalista reacted to Abela’s interview saying that the government was cut off from reality. The Opposition accused the government of failing to address the concern voiced by self employed individuals, employees and their families during the pandemic.

“Robert Abela has failed to understand the difficulties being faced by the families and are not solved by PR stunts,” the party said.

Video: Partit Laburista