Watch: Muscat wants everyone “to be wealthy”

Diskors mill-Prim Ministru u Mexxej tal-Partit Laburista, Joseph Muscat, f’Rahal Gdid

Diskors mill-Prim Ministru u Mexxej tal-Partit Laburista, Joseph Muscat, f’Rahal Gdid

Posted by Joseph Muscat on Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Leader of Partit Laburista Joseph Muscat has told an audience in Paola this evening that he wants all Maltese and Gozitan citizens to be wealthy.

Muscat started his speech by stating that Paola is at the heart of Partit Laburista. He discussed the humble upbringing he was raised in by his parents, who worked hard so that their children could accomplish their dreams. He continued by stating that parents will always want what’s best for their children, and they will not be satisfied until their children have accomplished more than they ever did.

“I wish that the minimum wage would support an entire family”

The Leader of PL mentioned that throughout the 25 years under the governance of Partit Nazzjonalista, the minimum wage was held back and diminished; and he encouraged any leading Party to revise the minimum wage. Muscat referred to the law stating that no minimum wage earner is allowed to continue work earning that salary for a period longer than one year.

The Prime Minister announced that although he already managed to reduce two thirds of it, he will not rest until all poverty is abolished. He said that it is Partit Laburista’s aim to achieve a society where everyone is rich. Muscat added that he wishes that the minimum wage would be enough to support an entire family.

“Pensions will increase every year which we govern”

Similarly, Muscat stated that under the Nationalist Government, pensions did not increase, whereas the Labour Government faced this task and amended the situation. Muscat concluded that not only will pensions increase every year, but the “amount given to the public till now does not compare with amount to be given in the future”.

“A vote for any candidate is a vote for Joseph Muscat”

The Leader of PL insisted that every vote for any Labour candidate for the Paola Local Council election is a vote for Joseph Muscat. He believes that a very good team will lead the Local Council.