Watch: Ta’ Qali expansion, 3rd the size of London’s Hyde Park – Muscat

Prime Minister and Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat, has told his supporters that expansion of the Ta ‘Qali park will make it, ‘one third of the size of Hyde Park in London.’

Muscat insisted that the government had sacrificed the economy for the environment, pointing out that 52 acres of land will be added to the Ta ‘ Qali park along with other places in Ta’ Qali which according to him, are wasted, inaccessible or dangerous.  He said that in total there are 200 acres which will become the National Park of Malta, that will be twice size of the current Ta’ Qali park today.

In addition to expansion, 80,000 trees would be planted in Ta’ Qali. He also referred to the 13,000 square metre recreational space on the roofed Venera tunnel.

He went on to reassure Maltese families that priorities had changed from work, wealth and the economy to now focusing on the quality of life and time with family. Muscat said that was why the government chose to replace what used to be a huge factory in Ta’ Qali for a place for families, in his own words went against what investors had been hungry for.

“We’ve still need to collect 70,000 for the EU and 130,000 for Local Councils”

During the political activity in Rabat, Dr Muscat said that it was important to vote on 25 May, to show support to the Government, to continue moving forward with its progress. He stressed that what is said in homes, at workplaces or Facebook will not make a difference.  Here he referred to comments like, “they will win anyway”.

The Labour leader pointed out that many still do not have the voting document: Approximately 70,000 for the European elections and 130,000 for Local Councils. He stated that when you knock the doors you never find anyone at home. He says that it showed that there was ‘work for everyone, even the females work thanks to free child care.’ 

“290 roads this year”

Dr Muscat also said that the government is investing €700 million for roads in seven years, reiterating that there will be 290 new roads this year.

“Need a person not a robot or AI”

Speaking about issues that affect society, Muscat encouraged children and young people to take up courses in nursing, insisting that work in health is guaranteed. Muscat said that despite the validity of robots and AI, when someone has a health problem, there still needs to be person “because a machine will not look after you”. As for the elderly and pensioners, Dr Muscat said he would increase pensions every year.

LIVE: PL leader addresses political activity in Rabat

Labour leader Joseph Muscat, is addressing a political activity next to Villa Romana in Rabat.

The activity is taking place at 18.30PM.