Watch: ‘Surplus is found in families’ coffers’ – Muscat

Leader of Partit Laburista Joseph Muscat insisted that it is difficult for Partit Nazzjonalista to find Government’s surplus, as it is found inside the drawers of the Maltese population.

This was said during a political activity held in Żejtun today. Muscat emphasised that it is Government’s biggest prestige that it remains one with the people. He insisted that pre-Labour Government, one was not worried about the need for more open spaces, but about his and her job instability and electrical bills.

Muscat explained that under Partit Laburista, European Commission statistics show that Malta shifted from having the highest electrical bills to being the fourth cheapest in Europe. He insisted that if Government was to be affected by attacks launched by Partit Nazzjonalista, the Maltese and Gozitan population would still be paying high electricity bills, with a high probability that they will continue to keep on rising. Muscat stated that although he didn’t expect the Opposition to support Government, he expected that at least it would not try to baffle families.

“PN is focused on campaigning against the country”

Muscat added that while PL organised a positive campaign, PN was focused on “resurrecting lies and campaigning against the country”.

“We will continue to work on sport”

During his speech, Muscat referred to the introduction of the National Sport Strategy which was implemented today. He emphasized the importance of sports and that working on this sector will result in Malta ranking first in yet another field. This strategy will see an investment worth €30 million, concluded Muscat.