Watch: PM deliberately stoked the fire on racism, says Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia leader of the Opposition and of the Nationalist Party said he will not be critical of Prime Minister Robert Abela as this is a moment in the history of our country when the issues we are facing cannot be politicized.

The PN leader delivered his political message on the PN’s television station while interviewed by journalist Dione Borg.

Adrian Delia said that Malta’s Prime Minister has decided to go live on the national television station to deliver a political message and that this is unacceptable as the issue on the migration crisis is not a political game.

Adrian Delia said that Robert Abela deliberately stoked the fire on racism. The role of Prime Minister Robert Abela is to give hope and not incite fear, said Delia.

The PN leader continued explaining that we have a moral obligation to save lives in danger but then it is up to the government to convince the European Union to share the burden of the migration crisis between all member states.

By assisting the migrants who are at risk of dying does not mean we do not safeguard the interests of the Maltese citizens too, said the PN leader.

Adrian Delia said that the Nationalist Party is not attacking the Armed forces of Malta or the Malta Police Force because that is what Robert Abela is trying to implicate. He then explained that authorities cannot not investigate a number of AFM officials facing serious allegations against them just because the majority of the officers/officials are not accused of the voluntary homicide of migrants who lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea this week.

Speaking on the coronavirus situation PN leader Adrian Delia said the Opposition will continue meeting and communicating with unions, organisations and the civil society to create a post-coronavirus economic vision.