Watch: “We need to explore more the diaconia dimension of Christian life”

An interview with Bishop Mario Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“Our lives as Christians should not revolve only around being able to attend mass daily or once a week. We should base our belief in God in much greater things”. These were the words of Gozo’s Apostolic Administrator Bishop Mario Grech while interviewed by Fr Joe Borg on Saturday during Newsbook Hour, aired on 103.

Bishop Mario Grech was asked to explain the meaning of the pastoral letter he issued this week which focuses on how the lack of Masses should not jeopardise our God-centered life.

The fact that the Church has decided to suspend any Mass celebrations due to the coronavirus pandemic shows how much the Catholic leaders care about the wellbeing of society and it is also a time when we can change our old ways of practising our faith.

Asked if the coronavirus pandemic is a punishment sent by God towards humanity, Bishop Mario Grech stated that whoever believes this means that they do not know or forgot who God is.

“We need to belong, behave and believe”

Gozo’s Apostolic Administrator explained that the Church has the responsibility to put Diaconia at the forefront. Diaconia means helping any people in need and that is how we should practice our Christian lives, said the Bishop who also said that we need to learn more how to belong to a sense of community otherwise we cannot fulfil the true purpose and God’s will.

Fr Joe Borg has also asked Bishop Grech to mention some of the initiatives launched by Gozo’s Diocese to assist people in need especially those facing financial difficulties. He mentioned the initiative of hostel applications for Gozitan students. The latest initiative was launched by the Apostolic Administrator himself, to raise funds to buy a ventilator for patients in Gozo suffering from the coronavirus.

On Friday, Bishop Grech announced that €60,230 have been collected and €50,000 out of the total collected have been handed over to Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne so that authorities would be able to use if for the benefit of Gozitan patients. The rest has been donated to Diaconia of Diocese of Gozo to assist those who are facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During the interview on 103, Bishop Grech mentioned also the work that Parish priests carry out towards the community but it is never enough. He explained that one of the challenges they face in these situations is that who lives in poverty does not always want to show the suffering and that makes it difficult for them to identify and reach out to these individuals and families.