Watch: “Ties to Yorgen Fenech could lead to expulsion from PN” – Bernard Grech

Updated 07:23 AM
PN Dr Bernard Grech Dr Adrian Delia

Segwu l-intervista li saritli llejla minn Christine Amaira, Jesmond Saliba u Albert Gauci Cunningham fuq NET Television 🇲🇹

Posted by Bernard Grech on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bernard Grech, contestant for the Nationalist Party’s (PN) leadership race, stated that should the situation merit it, anyone being in contact with Yorgen Fenech could be expelled from the PN.

Grech was being interviewed by‘s Jesmond Saliba, Net TV’s Christine Amaira and the editor of Illum, Albert Gauci Cunningham. The special programme ‘Elezzjoni Kap 2020’ aired on Net Television.

About alleged ties with Yorgen Fenech, Grech stated that if anyone has breached ethics by being in contact with Fenech following the revelation that he owns 17 Black, he asks that a board be appointed in order to conduct an internal investigation. He said that should the situation merit that that person be expelled from the party, then so be it.

Grech stated that the PN’s fight against corruption wasn’t launched by him, but that he has been an active voice against it from 2012 onwards. He added that the war against corruption is important, which is why it must go on. The PN under his leadership will remain chasing the relevant insitutions to ensure that the sense of impunity is erased.

When asked if he was willing to apologise to those the PN has hurt in the past, Grech stated that he sees no problem with it. He explained that during his door-to-door visits, many have lamented that they felt pushed aside by the party.

Furthermore, Grech outlined that youths form a crucial part of the party, and they are already engaging with the PN. He said that he wants youths to debate politics, and for this to happen, the party must be organised and attractive.

About the future, Grech stated that the PN must have a tangible vision that radiates a positive energy. He added that many are upset about how a number of people within the Labour Party abused their position and took advantage of the country in order for them to thrive. He stated that to restore Malta to normality would be a commendable feat. Grech stated that for this to happen, the PN must be a strong opposition and a government-in-waiting, in order to restore Malta’s reputation.