Watch: New initiatives by incoming PN leader Bernard Grech announced

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The newly elected PN leader Bernard Grech has announced new initiatives that he together with the Party’s administration and the PN’s parliamentary group will be working on.

The following are some of the proposals made by the PN leader Bernard Grech;

  • The PN’s case on the Vitals hospital contract will continue
  • The PN will appoint an official for the preparation of an electoral manifest and a process to identify new PN candidates
  • The pre-budget document which the Parliamentary group was already working on will be discussed this week and will be published in the coming days.
  • The launch of a talent hub
  • Initiate a programme for house visits
  • Establish a Forum to focus on Economy, tourism and finance
  • Proposal of a national conference on the issue of migration and the population trends in Malta and Gozo. All stakeholders will be involved.
  • The PN parliamentary group will work to strengthen the gender balance proposals in parliament; The PN leader said that more women should be involved in politics and appointed in different administrative positions within the PN. He suggested that when the leader of the PN is a male then a deputy leader should be a woman

On Saturday lawyer Bernard Grech was elected as the Nationalist Party’s next leader as he obtained more votes than the incumbent, Adrian Delia. 12,663 voted for Bernard Grech, that is 69.3% of the party members while Adrian Delia got 5,622 votes, 30.7%.

Bernard Grech addressing the media on Saturday
Watch: Bernard Grech to replace Delia as PN leader

This morning PN MP Ivan Bartolo announced on Facebook that he will tomorrow vacate his seat in Parliament to enable Bernard Grech to become a Member of Parliament and the Leader of the Opposition.

More to follow.