Teatru Malta to invest in artists now so that they can work with them later

Teatru Manoel

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

On the occasion of World Theatre Day, Teatru Malta has launched three new initiatives with the aim of maintaining its commitment to invest in artists and performing arts during these unprecedented times.

TNEDIJA!! Teatru Depożitu, Tele Teatru u Kwarta Kwarantina

MISTOQSIJA: Kif tniedi 3 proġetti teatrali tal-ġenn waqt kwarantina?📢 📢 📢 📢Mit-Teatru Nazzjonali tagħna, ovvja – u ara daqxejn x’naqra ta’ social distancing dak.✅ Teatru Depożitu✅ Tele Teatru✅ Kwarta Kwarantina 👏👏👏 Meżżi ġodda kif qed ninvestu fl’artisti tagħna waqt dan iż-żmien diffiċli. Il-Ministru Jose Herrera u d-direttur artistiku Sean Buhagiar jispjegawlna x’qed jiġri#kwartakwarantina#teleteatru#teatrudepozitu#worldtheatreday#supportinglocalartists#takingtheatretoyourhomes

Posted by Teatru Malta on Friday, 27 March 2020

TeleTeatruKwarta Kwarantina and Teatru Depożit are new initiatives launched today by Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Governmetn José Herrera and Teratru Malta’s Artistic Director Sean Buhagiar. TeleTeatru is a platform that will see a variety of artistic and theatrical projects being taken directly to people’s homes. The initiative,, which is being held under the auspices of the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, is ensuring that the national theatre company continues to reach Maltese audiences in a novel manner.

“This is a particularly difficult time for people working in culture and theatre, as all theatres are closed. However, we will be taking theatre to the people anyway, even though not through the usual sites. We are launching a project to create a platform that allows theatrical and artistic projects to be launched. Teatru Malta’s TeleTeatru and Kwarta Kwarantina will be two of these projects to feature on this platform. Through TeleTeatru, we will be showing Teatru Malta projects online and on television as part of a wider project to take theatre to the audience’s homes. In fact, the first projects are being launched tomorrow on social platforms and through a collaboration with PBS, projects like Teatru Malta’s large-scale performance VII will feature on local television,” Minister Herrera said.

Apart from TeleTeatru, Teatru Malta also launched Teatru Depożit, a project where artists can get up to 50% deposit on work they will get to do in the future.

“If someone has a project they would like to discuss with us, a project that can later be discussed and changed… a deposit can be paid on that project, so that later we can realise it together,” Teatru Malta’s Artistic Director Sean Buhagiar said.

“We have never experienced such difficult times for theatre in our lifetime. Though theatre is renowned for the use of masks, we certainly did not expect that we’d need to use this particular version that we are seeing nowadays, in our daily lives. However now more than ever is when we need and appreciate the magic of theatre, as we see more and more people becoming increasingly appreciative of the arts. Through our initiative, Teatru Depożit, we are investing in artists now and then working with them later. We are basically paying a deposit to artists who propose to work with us, on projects that in the future, we can then transform into reality. Artists will be paid a deposit for their future work now, which is when they need it most”, Buhagiar explained.

“Artists and performers are workers who have also been affected by Covid-19, and they will be benefiting from the financial measures and grants that have already been announced by government. But over and above that, we will also be investing further in these people through the brilliant initiative that is Teatru Depożit,” concluded Minister Herrera. All the initiatives are being taken in collaboration with the Arts Council Malta.

Details may be found on the Teatru Malta website.

This project is in collaboration with Arts Council Malta.