Watch: ‘This government is working towards eradicating poverty’ – Muscat

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Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat said that the Partit Laburista in government was working towards eradicating poverty. Addressing the Party’s annual mass meeting on the occasion of International Workers’ Day, Muscat said that the government will continue to take the necessary measures which will ensure that no one is left behind.

The Party Leader descended the stairs from the Office of the Prime Minister onto the stage erected on the stairs and addressed the PL activists who gathered on Wednesday afternoon. Vice President and S&D Spitzenkandidaten Frans Timmermans and Deputy leader of Partit Laburista for parliamentary affairs also addressed the mass meeting.

In his address Muscat reiterated that the Maltese priorities have changed because of social mobility, saying that they are opting to work less and spend more time with their family and are demanding more open spaces. He said that the Government will shortly announce a big project which will see land being used as an open space.

Timmermans told those gathered that the upcoming EP elections is ‘the time for the socialists’ with Muscat later assuring him that he will be supported by the PL at a European level in his bid to become the Commission President.

Deputy Leader Chris Fearne invited Joseph Muscat to stay on for many years to come and continue the project that they have started together. Fearne said that the Party’s dream is that everyone is rich and hoped for Partit Laburista to do 25 years in government.

18:37 Michelle Muscat joins Joseph Muscat on stage.

18:35 Muscat claims that the choice in the upcoming elections is ‘clear’, making a number of comparisons finishing off that the choice is between himself and Adrian Delia. He urges the activists to go out and vote on 25 May.

18:30 Muscat reiterates the claims made earlier this week that the Nationalist party wanted that some localities would have ended up without any elections because of not fielding candidates in excess.

18:29 Muscat reiterates that a government led by him, is a progressive government that will support his bid to become president. According to the Labour leader, others tried to ‘spread falsehoods about the country about things we know that do not exist’.

18:26 Muscat says that the discussion has changed from seeking funds from the EU to whether if the country has grown so much that it would have to start contributing to the EU budget.

18:23 Muscat speaks about civil liberties, from reforms in the censorship laws, divorce (which was introduced in October 2011), and equal marriage.

18:17 According to Muscat that parents used to worry about expenses related to raising children which have been provided for free by the government changing the families’ priorities and increasing a demand for open spaces.

Muscat says that a piece of land that could have been taken up for the development, the land will be instead used to have an open space, describing such decision as the ‘beauty of having social mobility’.

18:14 Muscat speaks about social housing which will come from the citizenship by investment scheme fund. He continues to say that the PL led administration is a government which does not forget anyone, citing those starting off in life.

Muscat claims that all this can be done because the economy is back on its feet, saying that this gave way to distribution of wealth.

18:07 Muscat claims that the surplus was generated and this was not done through austerity measures.

According to Muscat previous administration denied the existence of poverty, and that the government is working on eradicating poverty.

Muscat refers to Government measures, pensions, minimum wage, and the cheques which were sent to people’s home.

Muscat described the PL-led administration as a ‘reformist government’, urging the people to vote Labour because ‘you know where we are going’.

Muscat explains that the three pillars are infrastructure, inclusion and innovation.

18:02 PL leader Joseph Muscat to address the mass meeting. Muscat can be seen descending the steps of Castille from the Office of the Prime Minister and onto the stage to address the Labour party activity.

Muscat starts off saying that the three principals of their movement are equality, social justice and social mobility.

He tells those present that equality because it should not make a difference if one is a man or woman, social mobility because the PL-government is creating a new middle class and social justice because even the vulnerable will be helped, the PL leader claims.

17:55 Vice-President of the European Commission and S&D Spitzenkandidaten Frans Timmermans now takes the stage. He walked in with European Commissioner for Fisheries Karmenu Vella.

He starts off with congratulating Malta. According to Timmermans, the country has been transformed into ‘one of the pearls in the crown of the European Union today’. Timmermans urges those present that it is time to create equal pay for men and women in the bloc.

Timmermans urges the crowd to think where they want to be five years from now and to think which ‘party is going to take them there in the best possible way’. According to the S&D Spitzenkandidaten ‘it is time for the socialists’.

17:43 Deputy PL leader for Parliamentary Affairs Chris Fearne starts addressing the PL mass meeting on occasion of Workers’ Day. Fearne told those present that “This is our feast. This is our square. This our Malta.”

Luke Zerafa

Fearne explains that 90 years ago, that the dream was that Maltese workers would not work on hours on end, exploited, and women blocked from employment. He told those present that 90 years later, the dreams became true. He continued arguing that the Party’s dream is that the workers are not poor, but rich. Reiterating that the party’s dream is to fight poverty.

Fearne mentions the PL leaders from Boffa to Mintoff to Muscat.

“Joseph stay with us for many years to come” – Fearne, saying that they want to continue on the project they have embarked on. The Deputy PL leader told those present that after 25 years in Opposition, they now have the opportunity to do another 25 years in Government.

Fearne continued to tell those present that they wish that every person in Malta is rich, rich in education, among others.

He told the party activists gathered at Castille Square that they have to strive for political serenity which would bring investment.

Muscat to address PL mass meeting on Workers’ Day

Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat will be addressing the first mass meeting during this election campaign which also coincides with International Workers’ Day. Muscat is expected to address party activists at around 6pm on Wednesday.