Watch: Judge the government by its decisions – Muscat

Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat said that one has to judge the government by its decisions during a political activity in Żabbar on Wednesday.

Speaking to party activists, Muscat blamed some media saying that they polarized people or stirred panic when reporting that someone filed an application on an out-of-development zone. He then said that no one can be stopped from filing a development application, and claimed that one should judge the government by the decisions it has taken rather than by filed development applications.

Muscat argued that similarly someone was responsible of leaking a draft report, referring to a report on possible land reclamation, causing panic in residents of the neighboring localities. He told party activists that this person tried to ‘make those in the area believe that the government intends on building high-rise towers in the area’.

‘They call me a salesman’

Muscat said that others make fun of him by calling him a ‘salesman’. He said that as a Prime Minister it is his duty to bring investment. Muscat argued that some are investing each breath in ‘working against the country’, saying that that the PL does not want MEPs to act like the government’s fan club. Malta was under scrutiny by the European Parliament on a number of occasions in the recent years.

The PL leader also spoke about two companies that have invested in Malta after being invited by fellow Maltese. Citing the visits he made during made as a prime minister, Muscat said that the Bart’s Medical School is nearing completion despite many having criticized the project for its slow take off. He also spoke about a visit to the offices of a company working in the video game sector.

Video: Facebook / Joseph Muscat

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