Watch: ‘You don’t elect MEPs by commenting on Facebook’ – Muscat

Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat said that one does not elect Members of the European Parliament by staying at home commenting or liking posts on Facebook. Muscat was interviewed on Partit Laburista TV station, ONE TV during 25/05 a program bearing the name of the election date by Pablo Micallef.

Making a case for why people should go out and vote, the Labour leader said that one does not elect MEPs by commenting on Facebook urging everyone to go out and vote. The party leader dismissed projections of the party winning four seats in the May EP elections saying that there are 14 candidates running for the party while urging for a block vote. Further he appealed to those who intend on not voting at the local council elections saying that if one did not like the current local council members he could vote for others contesting in this year’s election. Turning to the youths voting for the first time, Muscat urged 16 and 17-year-olds to go out and vote, irrespective of who is their preferred electoral choice. The Prime Minister urged them to prove wrong those who were skeptical about lowering the voting age.

The PL leader said that the party has a manifesto for each locality which will be launched shortly. Speaking about the government’s work, the party leader said that if the government did nothing, it had taken a burden off the local council, by having the central authority take care of the road works. Muscat said that the local council lacked the financial clout to carry out the necessary works, and when they did so in the past, they ended up either in debt or without funds to carry out other works. According to Muscat, the people’s issue on a local council level is cleanliness describing the issue as a question of civic duty and management.

Muscat told Micallef that in the upcoming May elections he believes that the electorate will vote and judge based on attitude, saying that it was insufficient to say that one worked for the country. Muscat further said that while everyone accepted that the elected MEPs criticised their national government when they felt that the European standards were not being met, there are others who were badmouthing the country abroad.

Video: Facebook page – Joseph Muscat