Watch: “In politics credibility is the biggest currency” – Muscat

Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat insisted that ‘credibility is the biggest currency in politics’ while addressing party activists gathered in party event part of the elections campaign trail on Sunday in Senglea.

Muscat claimed that while the Government he leads, made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes, the PL-led government learns for its mistakes. Speaking about credibility, the Party leader told those present that one can promise a lot however the difference was in one’s ability to keep their word. According to Muscat, the Party lets people know what it has in mind, and then gives the people the opportunity to vote on it, describing it as a ‘judgement’. He explained that he was aware of people who would disagree with Partit Laburista however ‘know that the government implements its promises’.

The Malta-Gozo permanent link

During his speech, Muscat started off with the subject of the permanent link between Malta and Gozo saying that what was witnessed during the first campaign week exposes the Opposition as not being credible. He admitted that Partit Nazzjonalista was the first party to ever propose such a project back in 2011. He explained how the PN had included the proposal in its manifesto both in 2013 and again in 2017. Further he quoted that the project had already got its support from the House.

Earlier this week Muscat had accused Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia of doing a U-turn, which was denied by the Party saying that while they agree in principle on the permanent link the PN awaits the studies to be completed and published which would prove that the link is both feasible and beneficial to all.

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Muscat explained the PN’s position on the permanent link illustrated an issue which goes beyond whether or not having a tunnel between the two islands.

On traffic

The PL leader said that while the Opposition and PN leader Adrian Delia complained about the traffic situation in Malta he offered no solutions, challenging him, to let the people know what he intends to do if he would ever be Prime Minister. Muscat then compared himself to Delia, saying that the PL-led administration has already implemented measures such as free public transport for various people, explaining that the government’s vision is to offer free public transport to all, with eventually compensating those who’d make use of it.

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Video: Facebook / Joseph Muscat