Watch: ‘I only have three words – work, work, work’ – JM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat told the youths that he has three words for them ‘work, work, work’ during Partit Laburista’s rally held in Birgu on Thursday evening.

As the election campaign trail comes to an end, Muscat addressed the party activists gathered in Birgu’s square. During his speech Muscat spoke of recurring themes in the party’s campaign, mainly pensions, utility bills, and equality.

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Addressing the youth, Muscat said that he could guarantee them employment, saying that if things progressed in a similar manner he would be able to guarantee work also for their children. Muscat claimed that the time for emigrating to look for work, is over. He proceeded to cite this morning’s announcement by a betting company which announced its expansion on Thursday morning. Speaking about eSports, Muscat said that over the coming ten years some 2,200 new workplaces will be created in this sector. He stressed that the PL does not only to create more employment but also have better work conditions.

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According to Muscat, the movement has grown over time, saying that the choice was between either progressing or regressing, and no longer between red and blue, referring to the bipartisan divide.

‘A minimum wage which sustains people’

Muscat admitted that with the minimum wage, one does not manage to sustain their families. Speaking about the recent increase, he said that now the minimum wage only exists on paper as anyone who works for a year on minimum wage will see their wage increase in the subsequent years. He explained that unlike in the past, on the current minimum wage one cannot sustain a family. He promised to continue strengthening the minimum wage.

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On poverty

Muscat reiterated a message used throughout the campaign, of wanting ‘little rich people’ as he promised that the government will continue to work on helping individuals out of poverty. The Labour leader said that 2 out of every 3 individuals who were in poverty are now out of poverty. He emphasized that the Government does not want to have a situation of hidden poverty.

Muscat concluded by saying that now the administration led by his party is halfway through its second mandate, after having called a snap election in 2017 in which they sought the people’s trust. The PL leader claimed that since then already 55% of the party’s manifesto has been implemented saying that the rest of the electoral pledges made will be delivered by next general election.

Video: Facebook / Joseph Muscat