Watch: Muscat reaches out to foreigners living in Malta


The Leader of Partit Laburista Joseph Muscat reached out to foreigners living in Malta, saying that the Maltese population and he cannot feel any greater sorrow or regret towards the two victims, who are believed to have been killed because of their race.

Muscat was addressing political activity in Xewkija when he mentioned the “devastating” update regarding two members of the AFM being accused of the two murders.

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Muscat said that he would be speaking as Prime Minister rather than Leader of Partit Laburista. He stated that he cannot continue with his campaign until he talks about this horrific incident.

“I encourage the public to go and shake a foreigner’s hand”

During his speech, Muscat encouraged the listeners to go and shake foreigner’s hands in their locality. The Leader of PL described Malta as being a country which is welcoming, and this brutal act does not define the Maltese population.

The Leader of PL also referred to a person who spoke hate speech on public television and called it freedom of speech. Muscat said that it is through these ways that hate and racism start to evolve, until they end up in a shooting as has happened.

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He thanked the Malta Police Force for its hard work, and mentioned that the Force has been undertaking excellent investigations in the past few years.