Watch: National Archives building will be part of Malta National Park

The National Archives of Malta building will be part of Malta National Park with the aim to make it more accessible to the public, Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat said during a political activity on Monday.

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Following an investigation by which led to the cleaning of a substantial amount of construction waste which was illegally disposed of, the Government has recently announced that there will be an extension to the park, with the park becoming Malta National Park.

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While he was interviewed by Professor Ray Mangion, Muscat told the party activists gathered that he did not expect such positive feedback when he announced the park’s extension. Speaking about the National Archives Building, the PL leader said that it was the Education Minister’s idea, Evarist Bartolo, who was sitting among the audience at the PL activity. Partit Laburista leader said that the new building would be better technologically equipped. He explained that the idea was to make the new building more accessible.

Muscat said was not fond of the idea of having high culture which would ‘be good only when one cannot understand it’ or the other extreme, kitsch, as he urged that one should find the things that united the people.

During his Q&A, Muscat also discussed the need and the investment being done in having a Maltese spellchecker.

He also spoke about transport and reiterated that he does not believe in punitive measures but positive ones. He stressed that the first step has been done and that is identifying sectors which are benefiting from free public transport. He observed that Maltese love their cars but there are ways to change and mitigate the number of cars on the road. He mentioned the idea of possibly compensating bus users, as well as free bus passes to those who opt to renounce their driving license for a year.

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Video: Facebook / Joseph Muscat