Watch: Free online sessions for parents and educators

Updated 09:21 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Institute for Education is offering tailor-made online courses for educators and parents.

This was explained during a press conference addressed by Education Minister Owen Bonnici, Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri and the head of the Institute for Education, Joanne Grima.

These online sessions are free of charge and not accredited.

The subjects of the courses vary from mathematics to courses on autism and ADHD amongst others.

Joanne Grima explained that the institute is currently offering around 40 sessions to parents, courses which have started as from last week till the end of June.

Over 17 sessions are being offered to educators.

The head of the Institute for Education also explained that educators who accumulate a certain amount of training hours through these courses, the hours will be considered as part of the accelerated progression scheme.

Asked by if the Ministry will consider continuing providing such online courses post-coronavirus, Education Minister Owen Bonnici said yes as the Ministry realized that such methods of online teaching even to educators is working well.

It was also mentioned that over 475 applications have been received by the Insitute from parents who applied for the sessions while over 100 applications were received from educators.

The applications are still open and parents and educators who will follow one of the courses will also be awarded a certificate.

Evident how unprepared the Govt is – PN

Partit Nazzjonalista reacted to this press brief by saying that it is evident that the Education Ministry was not prepared for such an eventuality.

In a press release signed by Education Shadow Minister Clyde Puli, the PN said that these times of crisis are revealing several things which lack in the E-learning strategy. According to Puli, the Ministry did not have a short-term E-learning strategy up its sleeve. He claimed that the Ministry failed to use the 15 days prior to schools’ closure to plan how things would play out, and instead, left the planning till after the schools had been closed.

In reaction to the PN’s reaction, the Ministry said that it is disappointed at how the Opposition failed to take into account the Ministry’s efforts through the years to promote virual learning, for instance by installing interactive whiteboards and giving tablets to primary and secondary school students. It encouraged educators to keep doing the good work they are doing and promoting digital education.

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Additional reporting: Sephora Francalanza