Local Elections: 2nd night results in 16 PL held, 4 PN held, Gharb council undecided

After the second night of local council election results, the Labour Party has once again come out on top holding on to all of the 16 existing PL led councils in this group.

The Nationalists managed to hold on to 4 out of the 5 existing councils in this group, losing one to the big surprise of the evening, Gharb.

(Correction – The Mayor for the local council of Gharb is yet to be decided at this time. Newsbook had called the result early. Gharb L’Ewwel has two elected candidates to the council, one of them being Mr David Apap.)



Birkirkara –

PL – 7 PN – 6

Joanne Grech Debono (Mayor), Karl Cutajar, Nancy Aquilina, Rita Borg, Kaylocke, Buhagiar, Patrick Owen Attard, Sephora Cutajar, PN; Justin Schembri, Michael Fenech Adami, Antoine Attard, Deborah Mifsud, John Mizzi, Marie Claire Bonello Zammit.

Birkirkara – LABOUR HOLD


Fgura – 

PL 7  – PN 2

PL; Pierre Dalli (Mayor), Clayton Cascun Portelli, Raymond Deguara, Toshera Schembri, Ryan Ellul, Mario Fava, Adrian Tanti, PN; Charles Bonello, Mark Lombardo.


L-Imgarr –  

PN – 3 PL – 2

PN; Paul Vella (Mayor), Wistin Vella, Odette Muscat, PL; Clayton Gauci, Tizana Busuttil Borg.



Sliema’s numbers are in and it looks like the Nationalists have taken the majority of the seats.

10 PN – 2 PL

PN; Anthony Chircop (Mayor), Graziella Previ Attard, John Pillow, Anthony Debono, Pierre Portelli, Vivien Pace Galea, Paul Radmilli,Lili Borg, David Soler, Kevin Wain, PL; Wallace Baldacchino Vella, Illona Fenech.



The official results for Marsacala are out and the Labour Party also retains the local council.

PL – 7 – PN – 2

PL – Mario Calleja (Mayor), Janice Falzon, Carmel Mifsud, Patrick Camilleri, Mary-Rose Mifsud, Ryan Portelli, John Schembri, PN; John Baptist Camilleri, Errol Cutajar.

Marsascala – LABOUR HOLD

Here’s what happened in 2015:


Zabbar’s 11 seat council has been selected and it will also retained by the Labour Party.

PL – 9 – PN – 2

PL; Jorge Grech(Mayor), Bernice Farrugia, Mark Grech, Ghislaine Bongailas, Angelo Scicluna, Joseph Vella, Louiselle Gwyn Angel Camilleri, Joseph Agius, Patrick Barbara, PN; Joseph Buttigieg, Anna Calleja.



Pieta’s will continue to be a Labour council after tonight’s performance.

PL – 3 – PN – 2

PL; Keith Tanti (Mayor), Zoya Attard, Anthony Camilleri, PN; Josef Fitzpatrick, Mark Pisani



Labour takes all but one of the seats in the Bormla local council.

6 – PL – 1 PN

PL; Alison Civelli Zerafa(Mayor), E. Marco Agius, Noyah Hammett Spiteri, Johann Scerri, Martin Vella, Melanie Agius, PN; James Cauchi.



Labour supporters are celebrating and the adjudicators are back out with the cello-tape fixing the perspex.


Rabat has been returned to the Labour Party under the leadership of Sandro Craus.

5 PL – 4 PN

PL; Sandro Craus (Mayor), Dolores Coliero, Matthew Chetcuti, Christopher Farrugia, Kris Grech, PN; Nazju Cassar, Rudolph Grima, Karl Muscat, Mario Ian Vassallo.

Rabat Malta – LABOUR HOLD

These are results from the 2013 election.


Official results for San Gwann show that the locality will be taken by the Labour Party.

5 – PL – 4 PN

PL; Trevor Fenech (Mayor), Anthony Mifsud Bonnici, Joan Farrugia, Tania Borg, Violet Bajada, PN; Dominic Cassar, Etienne Dupuis Bonello, Joe Aquilina and David Dalli.




Projections suggest the Labour Party will continue its blistering control of local councils by retaking Marsaskala.

The 2013 results for Marsascala. That year, the Alternattiva Demokratika got 3% of the vote.


According to party affiliated media One News, the Labour Party has managed to win a majority to retain the Birkirkara as well as San Gwann local councils.  Official results have not been released so far.

According to the results from the 2013 elections for San Gwann, it was a tight race. PL just got over 50% of the vote compared to the Nationalists with 49%


Paola returns to the Labour Party once more with just over double the votes of the Nationalist Party.

The results from count show the Labour Party on 3371 to 1211 for the Nationalists.

PL – 5 – PN 2

PL; Dominic Grima (Mayor), Darren Lynch, Steven Axisa, Yvonne Arqueros, Neville Camilleri, PN; Ivan Bartolo, Rita Delezio.


Returning Mayor Dominic Grima


The principal town of Rabat on Gozo has once again swung to the Nationalists.

PN – 4 – PL – 3

PN; Josef Schembri, Brian Azzopardi, Marcell Tabone, Maria Portelli, PL; Michael Buttigieg, Joseph Brincat, Charlie Hili.




L’Msida results are also out and the Maltese locality will be run by the Labour Party for another term.

5 – PL – 4 – PN

PL; Margarent Baldacchino Cefai (Mayor), Romina Galea, Jean-Claude Borg, Joseph Nicolas Chircop, Emanuel Brincat, PN; Charles Selvaggi, Maurice Agius, Alfred Farrugia and Judy Sciberras.



Ta Sannat results are in and the Gozitan council will also be held by the Labour Party once more.

4 – PL – 1 PN


Philip Vella (Mayor), Frances Galea, Clayton Tewma, Steven Gauci, PL; Joseph Bajada.


Xaghra Gozo’s results are in and it looks like the locality will also be returning to Labour control.

4 – PL – 1 PN

PL; Christian Zammit, Stefan Bajada, Aaron Agius, Victor Curmi, PN; Kevin Cutajar


This is the result for the Labour Party in the 2015 local council election.


Gharb Gozo results are in and it looks interesting. An independent party called Gharb L’Ewwel, has managed to win two of the local council seats and the Mayor position.

IND – David Apap, Miriam Borg, PL; Joseph Mizzi, Tonio Mifsud, PN; Louis Apap.

Correction – this council Mayor role has not yet been decided.

Gharb had been a Nationalist held council since the 2013 election.


Labour Party holds the Hal Ghaxaq local council. Hal Ghaxaq – LABOUR HOLD

PL won by a comfortable 2519 votes to 566 for the PN.

4 – PL – 1 PN

Darren Abela (Mayor), Christine Dalli, Andreas Gatt, Keith Fenech, PN; Rose Agius.

This is how PL had done in the 2013 local council elections.


A vote for youths, a vote for Labour, a vote of confidence

Newly elected mayor for Gudja Marija Vella, tells Newsbook.com.mt that the support for the Labour Party in the locality ‘was a vote for youths, a vote for Labour, and a vote of confidence.’

In her thanks she explains that, ‘Although this was my first election, I am fully committed in giving my full commitment to all the Gudja residents. I also would like to thank my boyfriend Daniel, my family, and all those who believed in me.’


Results for Marsalokk are up and it looks like the local council is will continue to be Labour led.

4 – PL – 1 PN

PL; Steven Grech (Mayor), Elenia Desira, Daniel Zerafa, Stephen Caruana, PN; Janice Chetcuti.

Newly elected Mayor Steven Grech, was the former Vice Mayor in the previous Labour led council.

Marsalokk – LABOUR HOLD

This is how the Labour supporters reacted…


Voices from the counting hall say that Marsalokk is up next.

Meanwhile Labour supporters are getting excited as the atmosphere builds for the next results.

The Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici, has also made an appearance.


‘We’ll discuss what’s best for Lija’

The newly elected Mayor of Lija Anthony Dalli tells Newsbook.com.mt that it will be up to the five newly elected councillors to sit ‘around a table and discuss whats the best for Lija.’

He explains that for the next five years, ‘I want to keep on building on the good that has already been done, while fixing the things which were not done right. All 5 of us will sit around a table and discuss whats the best for Lija.’


Gudja’s result is called and its another win for the Labour Party.

3 – PL – 2 PN

PL; Sara Marija Vella (Mayor), Mario Calleja, Maria Micallef, PN; Mark Anthony Sammut, Stefan Caruana.


This is what happened at the last local council elections for Gudja. Labour won 65.07% of the votes compared to 34.93%.


Kalkara’s results are live.

Wayne Aquilina; Kalkara’s newly elected Mayor

4 PL – 1 PN

PL; Wayne Aquilina (Mayor), Vincent Bongailas, Christopher Bruno, Speranza Chircop, PN; Maria Sultana.


This is what happened in the 2013 Local Council election for Kalkara.


According to a source speaking to Newsbook.com.mt, an official result for the local council of Pieta shows that it could turn blue. In the 2013 local council election, Pieta was held by a slim majority by PL at 51.87% of the vote, compared to 48.13% for the PN.

Rabat Gozo is expected to be held by the Nationalists. In the 2013 election, the Nationalists won the local council with just over 60% of the votes compared to the PL (39.28%).



Lija is the first result to be announced.

3 PN – 2 PL

PL Anthony Dalli (Mayor), Cini Donio, Daniel Mallia, PL; Lorraine Farrugia, Joseph Zahra.


Dalli is the newly elected Mayor of Lija and currently still mayor of Iklin.


And we’re off. Adjudicators have begun the process of scanning the votes for the following localities: Kalkara, Zabbar, San Gwann, Mgarr, Paola, Gudja, Fgura, Marsaskala, Tas Sliema, Birkirkara, Hal lija, Marsaxlokk and L-imsida.


The scanning process has started and there appears to be an argument starting as well.


Outgoing Mayor Samuel Azzopardi of Victoria Gozo captures a picture with PL and PN candidates. Azzopardi’s brother is on the far right of the picture.

Mill-counting hall…

Posted by Samuel Azzopardi on Thursday, May 30, 2019


The second day of vote counting for Malta’s local council elections have started.

The sorting process of votes cast in the local council elections last Saturday strated on time at the Counting Hall in Naxxar. On this second day of vote counting the votes of 21 localities in Malta will be counted.

Birkirkara, Rabat, Malta, Sliema and Imsida are among the localities of particular interest for different reasons. Birkirkara has for long been considered as safe Nationalist territory but is currently led by the Partit Laburista. Will B’Kara follow the trend set in the rest of the country and register an increased Labour? Sliema should be a win for the PN but the low turnout, described by many as a protest vote against party leader Adrian Delia is expected to have an effect on the final vote.

Check out this map to see how the first set of local council results unfolded.

Read yesterday’s live blog about the first day of election results…

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More updates to follow…