Watch: Restaurants will have licence revoked if caught breaching regulations

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Chairperson of the Malta Tourism Authority Johann Buttigieg said that the restaurants failing to follow the new regulations as they open again this Friday will have their licence to operate revoked.

On Tuesday the Minister for Tourism Julia Farrugia Portelli together with the CEO, Johann Buttigieg and the Chairman of MTA, Gavin Gulia, addressed a press conference to announce the new regulations and guidelines for restaurants, hotels and for pool facilities which can re-open as from Friday, as Prime Minister Robert Abela announced on Monday evening.

Photo by DOI: Kevin Abela

The new regulations and guidelines announced today are aimed at avoiding the local transmission of coronavirus.

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said that the best brand name for Malta as from Friday will be that Malta is a safe country. She also emphasised that restaurants and beaches will have to be safer than ever before and that even though the airport is closed the public will be allowed to take a short break through local tourism.

MTA CEO said that establishments will be asked to fill in forms on a daily basis which will be considered as a declaration that they are in conformity with the news established protocol.

Restaurant menùs, salt and pepper amongst others will have to be single-use and dishwashers need to be set at a temperature of 65 degrees Celcius.

No ques will be allowed in front of restaurants and in case of band clubs they will be allowed to re-open and the same regulations apply to them as well. Buttigieg said that no one shall be allowed to be served at the bar.

Regarding hotels, it was explained that all must provide the contact numbers of health authorities including the 111 helpline.

It was also emphasised that ideally financial transactions are carried out through contactless cards rather than handling cash.

During the press conference, it was also mentioned that beaches will be cleaned every day and that beach operators will not be allowed to operate until all the cleaning is finished by the authorities. Deckchairs will need to be positioned 2 meters apart from one and another and portable toilets and showers will not be allowed.

The MTA has also issued a call for beach supervisors in order to point out to the public any breaches of the measures against coronavirus.

As from today, the Malta Tourism Authority launched a new helpline – 21 692 447 for any queries restaurant and hotel owners or employees might have regarding the implementation of the new guidelines and regulations as part of the COVID-19 tourism measures.

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